LONDON iPhone-ography

So the reason I even went to London in the first place was the US government shut down. As I’m a government employee I didn’t have anything to do for the first half of October – my agency wasn’t part of the ‘essential services’ that kept operating during the shut-down. So I figured I’d go visit family and hang-out in London during the downtime ^___^ definitely a good spontaneous decision. And, I also thought that I might be able to find some short-term work while in London should the shut-down continue for a while. Luckily, it ended before terribly long.

So, in London. I spent most of the days walking around and soaking in the city – always like doing that for a few days each visit. And of course I made sure I conducted my iPhone photography as I went along.

In case anyone’s curious, here’s a list of the photography (and videography) apps I use on the iPhone in addition to the built in camera.

– Hipstamatic
– PhotoEdit
– Camera!
– Pic Jointer
– 8mm Vintage Camera

I don’t like to use filters all the time, as I value unedited/straight shots from the iPhone camera as well, so I make sure I mix it up. The 8mm app is an awesome video app that lets you choose from a selection of vintage/retro filters to use when taking video – though it can definitely be over-used, it can also add a really nice touch when used appropriately.

One of my friends is currently in London and asked me for my suggestions on sites to see/things to do…I was quite proud when I was able to make up a day-long itinerary for him mostly from memory and in a geographically sensible sequence. Gahhhh. I need to try and find a job in the travel industry. Would love doing something like that for a living!

More of my London shots:


Westminster Hall



My 5D2 & tripod set-up

Westminster Hall

Westminster Square

View from under Millennium foot-bridge leading to St. Paul’s

Tower Bridge

St. Paul’s Cathedral from various angles



View from Hungerford Bridge looking east

Covent Garden

Trafalgar Square

Me near St. Paul’s

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About uzcmedia

A fan of all things epic and adventurous. What drives my creative instinct is seeking out those epic, breathtaking, grand, or even ordinary shots that'll spark a creative thought or leave the viewer with a sense of wonder, awe, or amazement. I shoot with my Canon 5D2 but also love using my iPhone camera to the max while traveling around. I shoot a lot of time-lapse/video as well as still photography and also use Dynamic Perception's Stage Zero rig.

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