Moon-walking in London


I hate the rain in London (which has hung around almost every day of my trip so far) but I’ll admit it definitely makes for some great moon-walking. In the video I’m on the Millennium foot-bridge near the St. Paul’s cathedral area. The rain made the bridge nice and slick for some good moon-walking practice. Hey, gotta make the best of the situation 8-)

About uzcmedia

A fan of all things epic and adventurous. What drives my creative instinct is seeking out those epic, breathtaking, grand, or even ordinary shots that'll spark a creative thought or leave the viewer with a sense of wonder, awe, or amazement. I shoot with my Canon 5D2 but also love using my iPhone camera to the max while traveling around. I shoot a lot of time-lapse/video as well as still photography and also use Dynamic Perception's Stage Zero rig.

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  1. Such fun! At least there is an upside to the rain!

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